The Search for Manly Cookbooks

As men — or friends or significant others of men — we all know how hard it is to find just the right cookbook! There’s tons of cookbooks out there — over $400 million worth are sold each year — but, historically, many of them have been female focused.

Well, fear not, men! In recent years there have been a proliferation of cookbooks for men. Authors have begun to recognize what men really want in a cookbook — convenience and satisfaction!

The best cookbooks for men have great pictures, simple recipes and tasty results. While there are exceptions to the culinary-minded few, the vast majority of men just want to eat great food — not to have some sort of journey while they’re doing it!

My favorite cookbooks for men are not about the art of cooking — they’re about eating great food — without having to dedicate one’s time to it!

Why Do We Review Cookbooks for Men?

Our goal is to serve as a key to success for men through food — without having to find just the right manly cookbook!

Hindered by the traditions of Vikings such as Hrothgar and characters such as Red Foreman, men sometimes find it easy to fall into the culinary rank of utterly useless. When our specialties are no more sophisticated than chocolate milk, hot dogs, and
scrambled eggs — well, then, we kind of deserve it!

Recently, though, this has started to change, and this has become apparent with more and more cookbooks for men being published.

Everyone has memories of Mom going out of town and leaving the kids with Dad. Leftovers quickly replaced delicacies—no lasagna but plenty of mac and cheese. Why did Dad always order out or serve leftovers? Because, like those men before him, he had a tradition to live up to. But Dad also just needed a little help. He didn’t know how many easy, delicious meals he could make.

That’s why we’re here! From concept to reality, our team has spent nearly two years researching, compiling, and, of course, testing the recipes and information that define the best cookbooks for men.

We didn’t look for what general cookbooks offer. Rather, we decided from the beginning that we wanted to find man cookbooks that helped with one main goal: very easy, yet tasty food.

When the right manly cookbook, a man can achieve a new level of independence and fulfillment. Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to mean toaster waffles and orange juice but rather crepes and chilled smoothies.

A wife’s absence will no longer mean opening a tab at the closest takeout, but rather, nutritious meals for you and your kids.
Men, prepare yourselves—welcome cooking the way it should be!