Cooking Can Be Easy!

Men from Atlanta to Australia have been using The WiseJack Man’s Cookbook for recipes that are fast and man-approved. Dude, you won’t read any culinary mumbo-jumbo; we even have pages explaining cooking terms and basics. Secondly, as men, we have important things to do and sh*t to break, so we keep things fast . So, even with your wife gone, you can still save money and eat healthy. With our cookbook, everything you need is right here.

“The real magic of The WiseJack Man’s Cookbook that sets it apart from other recipe books is the speed, low cost, and simplicity with which the meals are prepared. This has immediately changed the way my family eats…”
                                                       – Deacon Tyler (Las Vegas)

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The Right Meal for the Occasion

Besides HOW to cook, the next big hang-up is WHAT to cook. The age old, what's for dinner? The Man's Cookbook solves that one, too. Recipes are organized by situations men find themselves in. There's a section dedicated to Surprise Meals for a Wife or Girlfriend, What to Make Your Kids for Dinner, Power Breakfasts, What to Make for a Sports Party and more. [ See Table of Contents ]
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Happy Customers

We bought two copies and one gave one to my brother-in-law in his 20s and he loves it! At home we tried a few of the recipes and loved them, easy to make and really tasty. An awesome book for anyone, crammed full of novel ideas.

Bought multiple copies as gifts. The pictures and layout of recipes makes simple food prep look and taste great….Peanut butter Munchies…Mmmmm!

With my hectic lifestyle it’s not always easy for me to find time to cook nutritious food, but The WiseJack Man’s Cookbook has a bunch of recipes that don’t take long to prepare, which then allows me to eat properly at the end of a busy day.

Your book has been a huge resource for my apartment mates and I. We are enjoying all the new dishes we never knew were possible. Certainly a worthwhile purchase!

“The WiseJack Man’s Cookbook is a great resource for guys who need a bit of help in the kitchen. Loaded with simple, healthy and delicious recipes (with a dash of humor) for all occasions…”

“This cookbook makes me want to be a better man. Wait, do you semll smoke? I got to go!”

“This cookbook is very different from ones I’d seen lying around the house. It’s funny, pretty easy to make recipes from, and explains everything in regular terms. It doesn’t use any of the confusing jargon I’ve seen in other cookbooks…”

“It’s great having a cookbook that was made for guys just like me. I now know a lot more about making great-tasting food. This book made it much more approachable to learn how to prepare delicious dishes, whether it’s for my kids, wife, or guests.”

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