Easy Cookbook for Men

If there’s one thing men want when it comes to cooking, it’s easy recipes. Hey — we’re not lazy! It’s just that we’ve got a lot going on in our lives. We’d rather cook quickly and have more time for the fun stuff! Whether a beginner cook or already a home chef, an easy cook is still the most commonly used option. But not every easy cookbook is made the same! Here are the three factors we look for in reviewing the easiest men’s cookbooks:

Simple Recipes

It’s not about the art of cooking, it’s about the result. Therefore, we look for recipes that have very few steps and can be performed by alomost anyone.

Limited Cookware

The worst part about cooking is the clean-up. The more spatulas and spoons used, the more pans and dishes used, the more clean up that needs to happen. That takes time.

Basic Ingredients

We shouldn’t need to visit our local gourmet store to make a nice meal. We want recipes that use standard ingredients, and ideally ones already at home.

How to Cook Everything

Though a lengthy book, this is chock full of literally thousands of extremely simple recipes. The steps are designed to be easy to follow. This is an especially easy cookbook for men because of the authors minimalist style that is present in all of his printed work. We’ve heard of plenty of men who really learned from scratch. The easy book includes basic techniques and ingredient alternatives and variations.

Fast Food My Way

A fundamental book from a historic chef, Fast Food My Way looks to create elaborate meals in very limited time frames. An expert TV chef, Jacques is very knowledgeable in being able to present cooking information in a way that is digestible and efficient. Rather than the most basic of foods though, the goal is to show men how to craft dishes that are highly impressive and can be used for even fancy dinners. All meals are designed to be prepared in a matter of minutes. His experience shows the basics, from cooking a baked potato quicker to saving dish washing by cooking certain foods on the dish which they will be served from. All sorts of delicious recipes are featured from beef stew to Banana Bourbon Coupe.

Feed Zone Portables

This cookbook is easy for men in more than the standard way: clean-up is always a cinch. The cookbook is designed around creating completely portable meal packs, which means there is barely anything to wash at the end of the day. But this also provides loads of convenience. For the man who doesn’t like to frequently labor in the kitchen he can instead spend a focused amount of time creating multiple meals for the week, all at one time. The concept of the book is that it is designed by professional athletes and will fit in that sort of lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that the recipes are utilitarian – in fact just glancing at their photos make them look delicious. One great aspect of their experience is they show how to take basic, nutritious foods – like eggs – and add a little panache to make them delicious – like crispy rice omelets. This easy cookbook for men caters to a wide variety of dudes, including gluten free and vegan recipes.

How to Boil Water

You can tell this cookbook is approachable to even the most intimidated of men due to its laughably honest title. Like it implies this easy cookbook for men starts at the beginning. You’ll see recipes for conventional foods like fried eggs and grilled cheese. But with the increased skills you’ll also start to see more interesting recipes like tacos and Chinese beef. Like many other easy cookbooks, this Food Network book is filled with guides and short cuts for those who may not be as experienced.

The Haven’s Kitchen School

Many beginner cooks excel at many things in life and may just not have had the opportunity to learn how to cook. They may be successful in life because they take a systematic learning approach. For those who like that strategy, this Cooking School Book is the one for them! This cookbook is designed to teach beginners nine fundamental lessons, covering the following topics: Grains & Beans; Fritters; Vegetables; Soups; Eggs; Salads; Fish, Fowl & Meat; Sauces, and; Desserts. Working through this cookbook the beginner male cook will not just have a piecemeal knowledge but a firm, base understanding of cooking concepts by completion. A great option for those who don’t want to keep guessing!