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What Kind of Recipes Do you Look For?

These are easy, user-friendly recipes that any guy would find practical. This includes snack ideas, quick dinners, tasty desserts and even range to impressive holiday-style dishes. This does not mean that all the recipes are necessary for beginner level cooks only. There are also more “complicated” recipes that men will find are worth the effort. The book’s chapters are organized (see question 11)
in sections that are designed for goal-oriented cooking. That is, a guy may have a significant purpose for being in the kitchen, and these chapters help to give him ideas for such events that find him in the kitchen.

Do Only Men Use Manly Cookbooks?

No - we have received a glowing review from one of the leading women in the ST. Louis cooking scene - Catherine Neville - as women who may just want to take a shortcut from the normal cooking process can find the right recipe for their situation in a very easy to use format. This cookbook is also full of recipes that are appropriate for college students, newlyweds, and anyone who can appreciate
simple and creative recipes.

Are Cookbooks A Good Manly Gift Idea?

They are a great gift idea. This is because it is the gift that keeps on giving

What is the point of a physical cookbook?

We all thoughts books would be obsolete by now. But they are not. Not at all. People simply like the feel and permanence of a book. It doesn't glitch, it doesn't run slow. But this is all the more the case with a cookbook. Food and sensitive electronics just don't go well. Couple that with beautiful photography and cookbooks are simply a timeless object.

What Are Common Measurement Conversions?

To be added soon...