How We Found The Best Funny Cookbooks for Guys

Gets A Laugh

Of course, you want the cookbook to make the recipient actually laugh! Everybody loves a little humor!

Actually Usable

Nobody wants a gift that looks cool at first but ends up in the dustbin. The recipes should be real enough that he can actually use them to make food!

Easily Approached

Humor isn't just good fun, it is disarming. It lets us approach what may be difficult. While funny, the recipes should be simple and doable.

I Don't Know How to Cook - Book

This funny cookbook for guys makes us laugh because the recipes seem incredibly simple! Everything from French Toast to Mac n' Cheese. It's basically the guide for the idiot dad. But that's what's great about it. Rather than fancy food, it helps you cook real food!

Why Didn't I Call My Parents Cookbook

This book definitely makes our funny cookbooks for guys list because it's a situation we can all relate to when first learning how to cook - calling Mom to ask her how to prepare our next meal. I mean sure, we COULD ask google, but who wants to go through all that trouble when our mom can just feed us the answer.

The Dog Ate My Recipe

Men will find this cookbook funny because it leverages the joke we all know from childhood - things are better than they look because my dog ate the results! Any guy will get a laugh from this cookbook - and hey, keep the dogs away!