Single Man Cookbooks

How did we choose the best cookbooks for single men? Simply — we looked at our own bachelor cooking experiences and recorded which ones we most liked. Being a bachelor presents its own set of challenges — and opportunities. You can prepare just the food you want, but you also have to do it all by yourself — unless you rope your friends in to joining in to your meal! But really, having the skills to cook as a young bachelor is a huge leg up. It means you wont need to be eating fast food every day — you can experience the satisfaction and health that home cooking offers! Here are the three main factors we considered when selecting our favorite cookbooks for single guys.

Easy Recipes

Like most single men, you probably have a lot to do. Who cares about the «art» of cooking — we want recipes that are a cinch to put together.

Whole Meals

As a bachelor, creating a single recipe isn’t very helpful — you need a complete meal or you might as well have ordered take out in the first place.

Kitchen Fun

We want the cookbook and recipes to be fun and entertaining. Cooking shouldn’t be a drag. And if done right, it can be a great activity to do with a girlfriend!

Eat Like A Single Man

Esquire’s Eat Like A Man is the ‘tour de force’ of man’s cookbooks. Designed to be the only cookbook men will ever need. Having the book is like having some of the greatest chefs in y our kitchen. Every chef includes a tip or trick with their recipe so you can build up your toolset as you go along making great food. You know Esquire has a long history of creating great men’s content – whether it be about fashion or life – so their experience really shines through on this great book. One great example is how they categorize recipes based on how long they take, in a way that is relatable to your bachelor chef, ranging from “easy” to “worth the effort”. Another benefit is that it is quite an entertaining read. That’s part of what makes it a great single man cookbook – it’s almost like you have a friend in the kitchen with you while you’re using it! Part of it being a man’s cookbook is that it relies heavily on what you might consider manly ingredients: meat! This is great for many single guys but not for everything – especially if you’re vegetarian. All in all, It’s a very useful cookbook that with lots of manly recipes and provides some entertainment. Immediately flipping through it will show you the high quality of the recipes and it’s pictures. But if you’re a picky single man, or don’t like traditional “manly protein” it might not be the best choice.

Man Meets Stove

Billed as a cookbook for those men who don’t want to be single anymore, it really aims at accomplishing this goal through humor and the basics of cooking. Man Meet Stove is commendably designed for those who have not been taught even the basics of cooking, those who seem to know not much more than microwaving and ramen noodles. Man Meets Stove eschews jargon and measurements for more beginner-friendly terms like “a pinch” which makes the experience just a little more enjoyable, at least in our minds. The food tends to be simply, but therefore easy to cook, which can be good for many inexperienced single or divorced men. For others who are a bit more advanced, it may not be the right cookbook for them. While it doesn’t of course affect the actual recipes, the books narrative style really is all about helping single men find a lady in their life, and it may be either a little off putting – or more likely simply funny – to those who are already happy where they are at, often talking about getting the “ladies” with ones fine cooking. Despite that, many couples have declared that cooking Men Meet Stove recipes with their significant others’ has been a enjoyable and hilarious experience!

Craft Beer Cookbook

The Craft Beer Cookbook is an excellent choice of cookbooks for men because it combines man’s love of beer with man’s need to eat great food! But it’s a great cookbook for single men because mixing beer with food is a great way to get your friends to come over to your house! Craft beer has really taken over in the United States and more and more men and women are learning to all the different flavors that small batch beer brings. Many people don’t realize that those same flavors can be includes in all sorts of dishes, from pork to salmon to whipped cream. Many of us have developed tastes and experiences of different types of beers, from IPS to Sours. Part of the intrigue of the book – even if you never use it to actually cook! – is simply in the fascination of learning which flavors of favorite beers complete which foods. In all, it’s a great cookbook for a single guy who wants to learn more about beer, drink more beer, and get more friends to drink beer with him!

What the F Should I Make For Dinner?

A light-hearted cookbook, this recipe collection is perfect for single guys because it’s for those of us who just don’t give a damn! And hey – if you’re single – well you have the luxury of just not giving a damn whenever you want, so enjoy it! The cookbook is a great option for the man who’s on his own because it helps to disarm what can feel like a challenging situation for a beginner in the kitchen. Not only is it full of colorful language but it also has course images! Giving it as a gift to your single friend will garner a lot of laugh. It’s more than just a fun read though – it’s practically designed for those who really aren’t sure what to make for the next meal. Recipes are organized in a meal format, it’s not just about making an individual recipe but about having a complete meal that fits the situation you find yourself in. All in all, this the What the F@@K should I make for dinner cookbook is a great gift and a useful book, but beware of giving it to youngsters!

The Shredded Chef

Look, if you’re a single dude, you’re either looking for that special someone or you’re enjoying a “special something” every night – or at least you should be! With The Shredded Chef you will be not only eating great – but building a muscular attractive body in the meantime! More than just a fun name, the cookbook is full of all sorts of delicious and easy recipes, with a guys perspective in mind. There’s a reason it’s one of the top selling healthy cookbooks – it’s filled with everything from breakfast to dinner.

So single guys – get shredded and get that girl!

Fix It And Forget It

You might not think of a slow cooker as a manly cooking tool – but you’re dead wrong! Nothing is better for the lazy guy than the humble crock pot! A slow cooker is all about setting and forgetting. That means you don’t have to waste time standing over the a pan or a hot over. Time is on your. Just place your ingredients in the crock-pot and let it do its magic while you’re away all day at work or play. The more recipes you have on hand for your slow cooker the more often you don’t have to worry about cooking. This cookbook is full of over 150 recipes. So single guys – set it and forget it!